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Sower Ventures focuses on truly alternative assets that serve as the key driver for sizable asymmetric returns. With these investments we are commited to reducing downside risk through a keen understanding of the data driving our decision-making. We make mindful consideration of the specific investment structure as a tool to care for the risk of the investment.

Alternative Finance & Venture Capital

Our strategy is focused on identifying investments with trusted execution partners. Our team has been actively invested in large-scale real estate-related finance, hard money lending, real estate securities, non-real estate venture capital, and private equity.

The common thread amongst the Sower Ventures strategy is to ensure that a team of deep experience is overseeing each specific investment with focus, purpose, and a clear view of the desired outcome.

Active Investments/Funds:

Tax Lien Fund I: A custom, open-ended fund with a single source of equity capital focused on tax lien investments in 15 states throughout the US. This fund directs its efforts on a wide variety of municipalities as a key diversification strategy to protect returns and defend against competitive market forces. This wide focus allows the fund to focus on niche markets and lien purchase strategies that are sometimes overlooked by the competition.

Tax Deed Fund I: Open-ended closely held fund focused on joint venture partnerships for the purpose of funding tax deed investments in opportunistic markets throughout the US.

Sower Solas I LP Fund: Closed-ended fund formed with the specific purpose of partnering capital with Solas BioVentures, LLC in pursuit of Med Tech venture capital opportunities in biopharma, medical device, and medical technology.

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