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Unlocking Value for our Investors through disciplined analysis and execution.

Sower Investment Partners was founded with the goal of bringing together alternative investments in a structured manner, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of skilled experts in a variety of investment verticals. The firm serves as sponsor or key investment partner to a family of investment funds, syndicated investments, and direct investments. We are focused on marrying strong talent, investment discipline and entrepreneurial drive and determination to produce an outsized return for our investment partners.

While our focus began with traditional income producing real estate investments, we have expanded our vision and expertise to include agricultural assets, real estate securities, distressed real estate and development assets.

We are not a broker/dealer. We only engage on investments in which we are an active, invested equity partner and have a level of governance control that provides for added security and downside protection. These investments are structured in a variety of ways, including private placement offerings, discrete investment funds that encompass a multi-year/multi-asset strategy, as well as specific project and asset syndications.

Real Estate Securities

Commercial Real Estate

Agricultural Real Estate

Residential Income Real Estate

Opportunistic Real Estate

Careers at Sower Investment Partners

Learn more about careers at Sower Investment Partners — from our competitive benefits packages to our flexibility, culture, and professional opportunities.