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Unlocking Value For Our Investors Through Disciplined Analysis & Execution

Sower Investment Partners was founded with the goal of bringing together alternative investments in a structured manner, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of skilled experts.

We serves as sponsor or key investment partner to a family of investment funds, syndicated investments, and direct investments. We only engage in investments in which we are an active, invested equity partner and have a level of governance control that provides for added security and downside protection.

We have three pillars of consideration for investment opportunities: Farmland, Commercial and Ventures.




"At Sower, we focus on ensuring investor capital is preserved while simultaneously generating excess returns by targeting value-add opportunities, and carefully managing tax and frictional transaction costs."

Jared Hollinger, CEO & Sr. Managing Partner

Sower Funds

The Sower family of active funds represents our areas of expertise. Funds available for new investment capital are denoted with an asterisk. Click the fund name to learn more.

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