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Strategic Partner Spotlight

At Sower Investment Partners, we believe in the value of strong partnerships with talented individuals and teams to drive returns for our investor partners. We know that our internal team cannot be an expert in all areas and our strategic partners are key to our success. Farmers National Company (“FNC”) is one of those strategic partners and we’re proud to combine forces with FNC on our Farmland offerings. The below spotlight is provided by Clayton Becker, President of FNC. Clayton joined FNC a few years ago and has been driving positive change that has impacted clients like Sower immensely.


Farmers National Company (FNC) was founded in 1929 by an Omaha Trust Banker and an Iowa State University Extension Agent with two goals: make farmland ownership worry-free and profitable. In 1986 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company purchased FNC from the family of the original founders. By the year 2000, FNC entered a new era when the employees purchased the company from Met Life. Today, FNC is very proud to be 100% employee owned, and still meeting the original goals of the founders as the largest farm and ranch management firm in the nation.

At the helm of FNC is Clayton Becker, a 5th generation farmer from west-central Missouri. As President, Clayton leads a dedicated team of nearly 400 employee owners and associates providing solutions that improve profitability and value for land, energy and specialty asset owners, professional farm management, real estate sales, and auctions.

The majority of farm management clients are non-operating landowners who have either inherited or purchased farmland as an investment, but do not operate the farm themselves. Over half of the farmland in the US is held by these non-operating landlords who face many complex challenges to successfully and profitably manage their land.

In order to serve these clients, FNC has a dedicated team of 80 Accredited Farm Managers, and over 100 Real Estate Associates, working in local offices within the communities they serve. A team of Customer Service and Accounting representatives serve clients from the home office in Omaha, NE.

In addition to farmland ranches and timber, FNC also manages over 200,000 oil, gas and renewable energy assets for mineral owners in 40 states.

According to Becker, “The landscape in agriculture is changing rapidly, and we work hard to ensure that we are providing landowners with the best possible service, information, technology, and return on investment.”

As such, FNC is looking ahead at the key issues and trends that are shaping the industry, anticipating future industry dynamics and the needs of landowners, in order to position the business to best serve clients in the years to come.

Says Becker, ” The future for agriculture is very bright. Global demand for food, fuel and fiber will continue to grow, and we have proven that American agriculture can provide the safest and most reliable resource to meet this demand.”


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